Lodgement of Claims

Below is information on how to make a claim under the Sports Injury policy. If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for General Liability, Professional Indemnity or Management Liability, please contact Gow-Gates immediately.

Sports Injury Claims

Steps to follow:

  1. Visit football.claimsgateway.com
  2. Complete the online claim form
  3. Lodge documentation relating to your injury
  4. Lodge claimable expenses and supporting documentation

All the above steps can be completed online through the online claims portal. In order to submit your claim online.

Step 1: Visit the Online Claims Portal

The claims portal can be found at football.claimsgateway.com

Step 2: Complete the Online Claim Form

The insured person is to fully complete all sections in the claims portal. You will need to provide details of your injury and the activity in which it occurred

Step 3: Lodge Documentation relating to your injury

  • The Physician’s Statement, will need to be completed by the main doctor, surgeon or dentist.
  • If you are claiming for loss of income, you will need to have your employer complete the Employer’s Statement.
  • The club president, treasurer or secretary will need to complete and sign the Club Report

Step 4: Lodge Claimable Expenses and Supporting Documentation

In the claims portal you will be able to upload individual claimable expenses such as receipts for Non-Medicare Medical Expenses & Medical Certificates for Loss of Income

Additional documentation or communication with Gow-Gates insurance can be made via:

Email   football@gowgates.com.au, or

Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers

GPO Box 4731


Phone: 02 8267 9999

If you are unable to access the online claim form and require a hard copy claim form, contact Gow-Gates.