Professional Indemnity

This policy provides coverage for the Insured’s legal liability for a breach of professional duty in the sport by reason of an act, error or omission committed by or on behalf of the Insured.

Limit of Liability: $5,000,000 any one claim $10,000,000 in the aggregate
Excess: $1,000 and as per policy

Where is cover provided?

Anywhere in the world other than USA or Canada and excludes claims outside the jurisdiction of Australia and/or New Zealand.

It must be noted that the Professional Indemnity policy is a claims made policy.  This means that the policy indemnifies for claims first made against you and notified to the Insurer during the period of insurance.  It is therefore extremely important that notification is given immediately to Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Pty Limited or the Insurer as soon as you are aware of any circumstance that may lead to a claim.

Please refer to the policy wording, for full details on this policy or contact Gow-Gates for further information.

Examples of claims under this section include:

  • A coach teaches a player to tackle in a certain way. A player utilises that technique and is injured in doing so. The player sues the coach for alleged wrongful advice which it is claimed contributed to the injury. The FA participating States and Territories Programme Professional Indemnity policy would cover the defence costs and damages payable by the club.

Examples of incidents which are not covered under this policy include:

  • A player is injured during a match. The team manager, who is a doctor, goes to their aid. He advises that the injury does not appear serious and that the player, if still in pain, should see their GP during the week. It turns out the injury was serious and that the failure to go to hospital immediately contributed to the severity of the injury. The player sues the Doctor for providing wrongful advice. This would not be covered under the Professional Indemnity Policy as it excludes advice offered by qualified doctors (who should hold their own Medical Indemnity Insurance). Insured Persons under the policy would be covered in this scenario if they were not qualified doctors. (First Aid officers, Physios etc. are NOT considered to be Qualified Doctors).

For a copy of the full policy document, please refer to the Important Documents Page